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  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Children and Young People's Services (The Childcare Company) (September 2016)
  • Cache Level 3 Children and Young People's Workforce Diploma (July 2013)
  • Cache Level 3 Certificate in Early Years Foundation Stage Practice (QCF) (2009)
  • Introduction to Childminding Practice (ICP) (April 2006)
  • ICS (International Correspondence School) Diploma in Child Day Care (2003)
  • Btec National Diploma in Caring (Nursery Nursing) (1995)
  • Btec First Diploma in Caring (1993)
  • Family Environmental Scale Rating (FCCERS) (2011)
  • Quality First Assurance (Quality Assurance for Individual Childminders)
  • Trio Childminding Network (2007)
  • DCMA Accredited Childminder assessment to be able to claim Nursery Education funding (2003)
  • DCMA - Network assessment to join the Exeter Childminding Network (2002)

Upcoming Training
  • Early Years Summit, April 2018
  • Introduction to the EYFS Safeguarding and the Welfare Requirements, March 2018
  • Learning and Development, March 2018
Training (Day Courses, Workshops, Webinars and e-learning modules)

  • Narrowing the Gaps, Webinar, 12th March 2018
  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children (Group 2), Devon Children and Families Partnership, 8th March
  • Responding to Allegations and the Role of the LADO, Devon Children and Families Partnership, 8th March
  • Child Protection, Level 3 Educare, 8th March
  • An Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Level 2 Educare, 8th March
  • Leadership and Management, Webinar, 6th March 2018
  • Provider Network Meeting, Webinar, February 2018
  • Building a Learning Journey, Webinar, 28th February 2018
  • Caring for Children with SEND, Webinar, 13th Feburary 2018
  • Action Planning, Webinar, 6th February
  • Self Evaluation, Webinar, 30th January 2018
  • Health and Self-care, Webinar, 22nd January 2018
  • Working with Babies, Webinar, 9th January
  • Risk Assessment, Webinar, December
  • Behaviour and 2 Year Olds, Webinar, 27th November
  • English as an Additional Language, Webinar, 14th November
  • Children's Starting Points, Webinar, November
  • On the Spot Planning, Webinar, October
  • Facilitating children's physical development 0-3 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 25th October
  • Facilitating children's physical development 3-5 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 25th October
  • Facilitating children's emotional and social development 0-3 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 25th October
  • Facilitating children's emotional and social development 3-5 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 25th October
  • Understanding children's physical development 0-3 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 18th October
  • Understanding children's physical development 3-5 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 18th October
  • Understanding children's emotional and social development 0-3 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 18th October
  • Understanding children's emotional and social development 3-5 years, Devon Learning Partnership e-learning module, 18th October
  • Schemas, PACEY e-learning module, 16th October
  • Effective Partnership Working with Fathers, PACEY e-learning module, 16th October
  • Support Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs, PACEY e-learning module, 16th October
  • Raising Developmental Concerns with Parents, PACEY e-learning module, 10th October
  • Expectations of Behaviour, PACEY e-learning module, 10th October
  • Safeguarding Children, PACEY e-learning module, 10th October
  • Effective Early Learning Environments, Webinar, 19th September
  • Group planning in the EYFS, Webinar, 13th September
  • Phonics for Preschool Children, Webinar, 5th September
  • Early Maths, Webinar, 23rd August
  • Roles of the SENCO, Webinar, 14th August
  • Communication and Language, Webinar, 1st August
  • Physical Development, Webinar, 25th July
  • Preparing for Inspection, Webinar, 17th July
  • Outside Play, Webinar, 26th June
  • Mark Making in the Early Years, Webinar, 20th June
  • Multicultural Britain, Webinar, 14th June
  • Transitions to School, Webinar, 6th June
  • Individual Planning and the EYFS,, Webinar, 26th April
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning,, Webinar, 18th April
  • Assessment and the EYFS,, Webinar, 11th April
  • Early Years Summit - 16 Workshops over 5 days, Webinar, March
  • Prevent Duty and British Values,, Webinar, 22nd March
  • Provider Network Meeting, LCP, Webinar, 8th March
  • Planning for Next Steps, PACEY, Webinar, 28th February
  • Observation and the EYFS,, Webinar, 8th February 17
  • Invitation To Play workshop: Checks and Balances, Teach Preschool, Webinar, 30th January
  • Invitation To Play workshop: Building Connections, Teach Preschool, Webinar, 28th January
  • Invitation To Play workshop: Capturing Attention, Teach Preschool, Webinar, 22nd January
  • Attachment Issues and Trauma in Educational Settings, Braveheart, Webinar, 17th January

  • Provider Network Meeting, LCP, 10th November
  • DCMA Training Day and AGM: Workshop 1 – Observation paperwork and next steps; Workshop 2 - Fun with Maths, DCMA, 8th October
  • Early Years Summit, September 2016
    • Narrowing the gap, Penny Tassoni
    • Why is it important for practitioners to build relationships with children? Laura Henry
    • Sustained Shared Thinking, Kathy Brodie
    • Interacting or Interfering? Julie Fisher
    • Quality of Questioning, Marion Dowling
  • Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing FGM (E-learning module), Home Office, 31st August 2016
  • Childminder Development Meeting (Noel Quinn), 4th July
  • Food Safety Awareness Workshop (DCC), 23rd June
  • Provider Network Meeting, LCP, 8th June (Summer Term) 2016
  • DCMA Training morning: Workshop 1 – Fun with Phonics; Workshop 2 – Share a story, DCMA, 14th May 2016
  • Channel General Awareness Module (E-learning) on Prevent Duty, 2nd May 2016
  • Provider Network Meeting (DCC), 9th March
  • Provider Network Meeting (DCC), 8th June

  • An Introduction to FGM, Forced Marriage, Spirit Possession and Honour-based Violence, Safeguarding e-Academy, 15th November 2015
  • CM Professional Development Meeting Noel Quinn 23rd November
  • Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Course, 26th October 2015
  • Provider Network Meeting DCC 14th Oct
  • Integrated Review workshop DCC 26th Sept
  • PACEY webinar Judgements to British Values, an essential guide to the Common Inspection Framework 1st Sept
  • Provider Network Meeting DCC July
  • Delivering the EYFS E-learning PACEY 26th April
  • Starting out - Supporting children's emotional well-being E-learning PACEY 26th April
  • Safeguarding - Group 3 - Interagency Child Protection course DCC 9th March
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Group 2 DCC E-learning 6th March
  • Provider Network Meeting DCC 4th March
  • Delivering the EYFS, PACEY e-learning course, 26th April 2015
  • Supporting children's emotional well-being, PACEY e-learning course, 26th April 2015
  • Nusery World Show 5th, 6th February 2015
    • Master class - meeting the emotional and learning needs of two-year olds
    • Seminar - Specific Area of Learning - Mathematics: embedding maths in your practice
    • How to observe children's learning
    • Treasure baskets and heuristic play
    • Provocations for learning: bright ideas to stimulate children's creativity and promote their critical thinking
    • Home learning: winning ways to engaging parents
  • Paediatric First Aid course - 24th and 31st January 2015

  • Ensuring Inclusive Learning for all children, 8th February 2014

  • Early Years- Supporting the Early Home Learning, 12th November
  • Noel Quinn Conference - Working Together because every Childminder Matters, 21st September
  • Moderation of Transition Documents, 20th June
  • PACEY - Ofsted Inspection Webinars
    • Carrying out Observations, 5th June
    • Outdoor Play, 17th June
    • Completing Self-Evaluation Forms, 22nd July
  • How to tackle those difficult conversations with parents, Workshop 21st May
  • Are you ready for your Inspection, April
  • Two Year Old Progress Check (two day course), March
  • Network Meeting, March
  • Planning course, January

  • Early Years Conference - 'All About Me', December 2012
  • An Inclusive Approach to Partnership Working, November 2012
  • Childminder Professional Development Meeting, October 2012

  • NCMA Webinar Inspection Series, October 2012
    1. Contributing to children's well-being
    2. Leadership and Management
    3. Meeting the needs of all children

  • Food Safety Awareness Workshop, September 2012
  • Being a Reflective Practitioner, September 2012

  • TES Education Show Seminars, September 2012
    1. Starting with a song
    2. Provocations for learning
    3. Challenging the enjoyable - tips for creating adult directed activities
    4. Next steps for literacy
    5. Science in the outdoors
    6. Always ready for inspection? Always?
    7. Getting it right for two year olds
    8. Next steps in Numeracy

  • Noel Quinn EYFS Briefing, July 2012

  • NCMA Webinar Series, April 2012
    1. An Inclusive Accessible and Flexible EYFS
    2. Safeguarding and the Welfare Requirements
    3. Characteristics of Effective Learning
    4. Prime Areas of Learning
    5. Specific Areas of Learning
    6. Progress Check
    7. Continuing Professional Development

  • SEN code of practice workshop, DCMA, March 2012
  • Inter-agency Child Protection Training for Group 3 (E-learning), LSCB, March 2012
  • Ofsted Update Training Session, Early Years Team, March 2012

  • Inter-agency Child Protection Training for Group 3 (E-learning), LSCB, Febrary 2012
  • Nursery World Show, February 2012
  • The Importance of Celebrations and Birthdays, Exeter Steiner School, February 2012
  • Working with parents and carers, E-learning session DCTP, February 2012
  • The importance of providing an environment that is safe, stimulating and securre, E-learning session DCTP, February 2012
  • Safeguarding Children - Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect, Virtual College E-learning module, January 2012
Prior to 2012
  • Ofsted Update Training, Early Years Team, Autumn 2011
  • Ofsted Update Training, Early Years Team, Summer 2011
  • Communication Friendly Spaces, DCT, June 2011
  • Healthy Settings, DCT, June 2011
  • Ofsted Update Training, Early Years Team, Spring 2011

  • Ofsted Update Training, DCC, Autumn 2010
  • Child Minder's Workshop, DCT, November 2010
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy in Early Years, TES, October 2010
  • Rich Contexts for Learning, TES, October 2010
  • Every Child a Talker: Strengthening Early Language Development, TES, October 2010
  • Creative Music Making For Babies and Children in Early Childhood, TES, October 2010
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, TES, October 2010
  • Do The Two's Get Overlooked?, TES, October 2010
  • Engaging Environments, TES, October 2010
  • Safety and Health Awareness, Exeter City Council, September 2010
  • Ofsted Update Training (Early Years Team) 25th February 2010

  • Ofsted Update Training 21st November 2009
  • TES Education Show Workshops Saturday 3rd October 2009
    • Who, What, Why, When, Where and How?
    • How Enabling is Your Environment?
    • Happy, Sad, Mad or Glad?
  • TES Education Show Workshops Friday 2nd October 2009
    • Think, Explore and Extend
    • How Do Crocodiles Clean Their Teeth? Active Learning in Young Minds
    • Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around
    • 21st Century Literacy
  • Boys and Girls Come Out to Play Conference and two workshops 27th June 2009
  • Outdoor Learning 7th May 2009
  • Social Emotional Aspects of Development for Practitioners (SEAD) 9th February 2009
  • Exploration and Active Learning 3rd February 2009
  • Safeguarding Children Training Level 3 - 22nd and 23rd January 2009

  • EYFS for Childminders 11th November 2008
  • TES Education Show Workshops 11th October 2008
    • Helping Children with Social Skills and Problem Solving
    • Bridges, Rockets and Waterfalls
    • Supporting Young Learners - an Effective Balance between Adult-Led and Child Initiated Experiences in the EYFS
    • Let's Talk and Listen Too!
  • TES Education Show Workshops 10th October 2008
    • From Mark Making to Early Writing
    • Rhymes, Stories and Songs
    • Unpicking the Welfare Requirements
    • The Reflective Practitioner - How effective are you in delivering what you say you will
  • DCMA 'Children First Conference' AGM - 'EYFS' Workshop 13th September 2008
  • DCMA 'Children First Conference' AGM - The Learning Environment Workshop 13th September 2008
  • Implementing the EYFS - Access and Involvement for all 28th June 2008
  • Developing an Environment for Independent Learning (27th March 2008)
  • Thinking Child (18th March 2008)
  • EYFS Training for Practitoners (1st March 2008)
  • Child Development (31st January 2008)
  • Observation and Assessment (29th January 2008)

  • The Development of Communication (5th December 2007)
  • Introductory briefing for Childminders on the EYFS (3rd November 2007)
  • "Wild about Childminding" DCMA (AGM) " Listen to Us" Workshop (22nd September 2007)
  • "Wild about Childminding" DCMA (AGM) "Sharpen Your Professional Edge Workshop (22nd September 2007)
  • Essential Ofsted Information Evening (20th March 2007)

  • Supporting 0-3 yr olds Through a Positive Approach to Behaviour Management (16th November 2006)
  • DCMA (AGM) "Safer Food Better Business" Workshop (7th October 2006)
  • DCMA (AGM) "Building on Children's Learning" Workshop (7th October 2006)
  • The Role of the Practitioner when Working with 0-3 yr olds (June 2006)
  • FSC Creative Development (May 2006)
  • DCMA Birth to Three Matters Workshop (February 2006)
  • Encouraging Early Communication Skills when Working with 0-3 Year Olds (January 2006)

  • Birth to Three Matters Framework - 0-3: Developing an Environment to Support "Birth to Three Matters" (November 2005)
  • DCMA (AGM) "Outdoor Spaces" Workshop (October 2005)
  • DCMA (AGM) "Craft for Christmas" Workshop (October 2005)
  • Future of Early Years Ofsted Inspections (September 2005)
  • Child Protection Course (July 2005)
  • Birth to Three Matters Framework - Forming Early Relationships with Babies and Toddlers (May 2005)
  • An Overview of Working with Parents and Carers Workshop
  • Caring for 0-3's in a Home-based setting (April 2005)
  • Business Success for childcare working with Parents� Workshop (March 2005)
  • An Introduction to the 'Birth to Three Matters Framework' Workshop (March 2005)
  • An Overview of working with Parents and Carers Workshop (Feb 2005)
  • Quality Assurance Roadshow (Jan 2005)

  • DCMA (AGM) Special Educational Needs Workshop (Oct 2004)
  • Business for Childcare �Mind Your Business� Programme Workshop (March 2004)
  • EYDCP Getting Started with Quality Assurance Workshop (March 2004)

  • First Aid (2003, 2000, 1995, 1993)
  • DCMA � Foundation Course (1999)
  • Early Education and Babies Seminar (1997)
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate (1995)

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