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Reference 1

"My son has been going to Kinderplay since April 2015, when he was 13 months old. I was returning to work and had originally planned for him to attend a nursery, however, changed my mind at pretty much the last moment and decided I would rather he went to a childminder. Kinderplay was recommended to me by a friend, Gabbi had looked after both her children recently.

I met with Gabbi to talk through what childcare we needed. She was very flexible. She talked me through her experience, qualifications and showed me her references. We then had a second meeting to agree when settling sessions would start and to go through the contract.

Gabbi was very accommodating with the settling sessions. My son had several shorter sessions with me present and then began to go on his own. He took a little white to settle but generally got on very well and was soon into his routine with Gabbi. She seems very knowledgable and professional, yet caring. My son has responded well to her. She has a fantastic range of toys and books and indoor and outdoor play equipment and plan activities and outings.

Gabbi will text me to let me know how my son is doing whilst he is with her. Particularly if he hasn't been that happy that day. She doesn't mind me contacting her either to ask how he is getting along. If he seems poorly, she lets me know immediately and always checks with me first before giving him any medication. He has a daily diary which comes and goes with him and Gabbi uses this to record everything about his time with her (nappies, sleep, eating, activities, how he's been, what he's enjoyed) and I find this incredibly useful as it gives me a really good picture of how he is and what he gets up to when he is in her care. I have total confidence in the care Gabbi provides and know my son is safe and secure when he is with her.

A childminder has definitely been the right choice for him.

Reference 2

"Our daughter has been attending child minding sessions with Gabbi since she was about eight months old, April 2014 up until we moved house in June 2015, when unfortunately it was logistically not possible to continue driving to Exeter.

Gabbi provides a comfortable, safe environment for children to learn and play both inside and outside with a vast array of activities always at hand; other activities include taking children to playgroup or the park where [our daughter] was able to interact with other children; or sometimes take trips to the seaside by train. Gabbi always appraised us of [our daughter's] day when we collected her and regularly wrote reports on her progress.

Gabbi is a kind, caring, approachable and very conscientious person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Reference 3

"I think Kinderplay was an excellent choice for [my child]. Gabbi is naturally good with children and shows a very good balance between compassion and discipline/routine. She always knows the right thing to do whether it is calming our child when they are having a bad tantrum or simply getting her into an afternoon sleeping routine.

I am quite sure that our daughter is getting the best care available, probably better than our own!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kinderplay to others.

Reference 4

"Our daughter has had a full time place with Gabbi since she was 5 months old. We tried a nursery at first but our daughter wasn't very happy and we felt that Gabbi would offer a more homely, individual environment.

Our daughter is now 18 months old and really enjoys going to Gabbi's. When she was younger we had quite a strict routine for her sleeping and feeding and Gabbi was able to continue this during the day, including being able to have regular sleeps upstairs in the cot or in the pram if out and about.

Gabbi provides lots of interesting activities for the children to do and has lots of lovely things for them to play with and look at. Her house is safe and all the toys and books are very clean and well cared for. During the summer our daughter loves playing outside in the garden under the gazebo.

Gabbi takes the children on lots of interesting trips such as to children's centres, toddler groups and activity centres. She also takes them to the zoo and the beach and children's attractions, which they really enjoy.

All of our daughter's needs are very well met and she is cared for at Gabbi's. Gabbi takes a lot of effort to find out about what the children enjoy and plans activities accordingly. She ensures that the children play well together and have lots to do.

Gabbi keeps excellent records of our daughter's development and activities with her. She keeps a daily book showing what they have been up to during the day and another record with reports and descriptions of activities and how our daughter's skills are developing. As well as being interesting and helping us to understand what she has been doing the photographs and descriptions are a lovely record to have.

Gabbi cares about the children that she looks after and provides a caring and stimulating environment for them. She spends a lot of time staying up to date with recent practice and really focuses on the children's experience. She has also been very flexible and has babysat for our daughter at our house.

Reference 5

"I would highly recommend Gabbi as a childminder to anybody and I honestly wish she'd been around when my other son was younger!

When I checked Gabbi out for my little boy, one and a half at the time, I questioned her on loads of things from safety to equipment, daily activities to discipline, for babies to 4 year olds. It was purely to give me peace of mind and have since felt very confident leaving [my son] in her care.

Some childminders decide to do the job as an add-on, an extra earner while managing the household. Gabbi, on the other hand, is a genuine childminder. It's her passion. She enjoys spending time with this age group and [my son], likewise, enjoys his days with Gabbi, cheering when I tell him he's going to Gabbi's and recently singing on the way to her house. She always greets us with a friendly smile and is pleased to see him.

On a regular basis Gabbi takes time to find out what we provide for [my son] at home and what we'd like her to do. She fills in the gaps complementing our family time while supporting our methods of parenting, so we're always a "united front" for [my son]!

[My son] is now 2 and 3/4 and the difference between what my other two children did at this age and what he can do is remarkable and definitely down to Gabbi's input (much more than just learnt from older siblings). He can put on and take off his own shoes, coat and mittens. He is very road safety aware. He recognises some letters of the alphabet. He speaks politely. Says yes not "yeah" (to my daughter's amazement who remembers months of being corrected by her Grandma!) He can now say hello and goodbye to people he knows and when he meets another child in a play area he shares and has even offered them a toy!

He is taken by Gabbi to the library, a variety of toddler groups, Dinky's, the zoo, the beach, the park etc. They often walk or travel by bus and sometimes go on the train. Gabbi doesn't own a car so the benefits for his health are fantastic. I've never had a toddler complain before when we go in the car to get somewhere, he always wants to walk! No problem keeping up with his older brother walking on the 'school run' because [my son's] used to walking and enjoys it!

[My son] is not a perfect child and Time Out has been put to the test. I totally agree with Gabbi's methods of discipline which do seem to be very effective.

Communication is fab. We have a parents book so all info about the day comes home and we can pass on any details we feel Gabbi needs to know. [My son] loves listening to me read the book after we get home. His face lights up as he remembers everything he's enjoyed that day.

Reference 6

"We have used Gabbi for the last 18 months since we moved to Exeter and she has been a fantastic support for our son and also to my husband and I by providing great flexibility and constant piece of mind.
[Our son] really enjoys going to Gabbi's and interacting with the other children and within the large amount of varied activities they take part in. Gabbi's communication with the parents is spot on and we always know what's going on with [our son] and his development too as well as any further training she is taking part in.
Gabbi has a very professional approach to her work whilst at the same time adopting a very friendly, caring and fun attitude with the children in her care and [our son] always has a smile on his face when dropping him off and collecting him.
We have also used Gabbi to look after [our son] over night in both her home and in our home and as usual [our son] was more than happy and excited to stay at hers and show her round his house too. I can't recommend Gabbi highly enough.

Reference 7

"Kinderplay is an excellent childcare option for parents wishing to leave their child in a �home from home� environment. It is very apparent that Gabbi�s nursery experience has stood her in good stead to care for children in a professional manner, but with the more personal approach of a childminder. Children�s safety, happiness and development are always of paramount importance, and Gabbi works hard to ensure all these elements are adequately met.
The children are encouraged to participate in a huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities, both �noisy� and �quiet�, which develops their physical abilities and confidence. All the children seem to be happy in Gabbi�s care, play nicely together, and are well mannered and compassionate towards each other.

Reference 8

"I have known Gabbi for almost seven years; she has cared for both my children. During this time both have spent many a happy hour with Gabbi, and this has left me safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for.
There have been times when the girls have not wanted to come home with me because they have been having such a good time!
I have always been very happy with the services which Gabbi provides; she is flexible and understanding of both the parents and the child�s needs.

Reference 9

"Gabbi takes a very professional attitude towards her childminding. This is reflected in both the environment and her attendance of child development courses.
When my child first started to attend Kinderplay I was very impressed with Gabbi�s interesting my child�s daily routine, she also accommodated the settling in period with consideration both towards my child and me as parent.
I always appreciate the daily feedback sheets Gabbi provides as it gives a good insight to my child�s day.
I also feel confident that Gabbi will share any concerns she may have about my child i.e. how best to feed her, when/how she likes to go to sleep so that she can care for my child in a way that best improves the child�s development an is in keeping with the home routine as much as possible.
Kinderplay is a stimulating and caring environment for my child.

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